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FIREWORKS SAFTEY TIPS: State Fire Marshal Bert Polk is urging citizens to stay safe if participating in any fireworks activities during the July 4th holiday. “You cannot take safety for granted when it comes to fireworks,” Polk said. “We want everyone to have fun, but safety precautions must come first.” For those choosing to use consumer fireworks, the State Fire Marshal suggests these safety tips.

HYDRANT FLUSHING: The City of Anderson’s Fire Department flushes all city fire hydrants in May. As a result, you may experience discolored water. If so, remember that it is temporary and not harmful. Simply run your cold water for approximately five minutes or until the water returns to normal. Details

The City of Anderson Fire Department held an Annual Awards Ceremony in March, presenting various medals, ribbons, awards, and performance recognitions. Descriptions

A Shift Ribbons
B Shift Ribbons
C Shift Ribbons

“A” Shift performing required annual auto extrication training. This scenario was an overturned vehicle on top of another vehicle with driver trapped inside. Patient was removed and treated.

Extrication TrainingExtrication Training

FIRE PREVENTION IN COLD WEATHER: As temperatures drop, State Fire Marshal Bert Polk and the state’s fire service are asking for your help in protecting yourself, your loved ones, and others you know who may be most vulnerable to fire tragedy.

“We know that with lower temperatures, people are going to use whatever means they have to stay warm, and unfortunately, that is when we see fire deaths increase,” Polk said. “With everyone’s help, we can prevent these needless tragedies.” Press Release

AFD AWARDED SMOKE ALARM GRANT: The Anderson City Fire Department is one of only 10 departments to be awarded the "Smoke Alarm Blitz" grant for 2015. This program, conducted by the SC State Fire Marshal, was very successful in 2014, when nearly 2,500, 10-year, smoke alarms were installed in the homes of South Carolina residents. Working in conjunction with the American Red Cross, which will be distributing disaster preparation packets, these departments will be going door-to-door, offering free, 10-year, lithium, smoke detectors, and most importantly, installing the detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors will also be available for those who have a need for one as well.


AFD HONORED FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS: The Anderson City Fire Department participated in the 4th annual Bells Across America for Fallen Firefighters this year. On Friday, October 10, the downtown city bell rang for 10-15 minutes. There was also a small ceremony at the same time at the downtown Fire Station 1, 400 S. McDuffie St.

On average, the line of duty deaths for the fire service is around 100 per year, with the number so far this year equaling 67. This is our way of honoring each one for the past year and previous as well.

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has initiated the Bells Across America to get other fire departments involved and make the public aware of what these brave men and women have sacrificed, trying to save lives and property across the United States. For more information on them and this event, please visit the website.


HIGHEST AWARD: Firefighter Ron Gerrish graduated the South Carolina Fire Academy in September, 2014, after spending nine weeks in Columbia. He also received the highest award given for his class of 29 firefighters, The Order of the Maltese.

Firefighter Gerrish has been in the fire service for over 20 years, getting most of his training in Connecticut, where he is from. All the training he received in his hometown did not transfer to South Carolina, which is why he had to be recertified for this state. He is also a national registered EMT and has many years experience in the emergency medical field.

Ron was given the Order of the Maltese award for most exemplifying the eight points of the Maltese cross in the firefighter candidate school. The eight points or qualities he displayed include love justice, live in truth, repent of sins, sincere & whole hearted, have faith, be merciful, endure persecution, and give proof of humility.

The AFD would like to congratulate him on his accomplishments. We are sure he will be a great asset to this fire department and to the citizens and stakeholders of the City of Anderson.

For Emergencies, Dial 911

The Anderson Fire Department is a community-minded organization, which provides the following services to the citizens of Anderson:

Mission Statement
The mission of the Anderson Fire Department is to reduce the frequency and severity of emergencies, whether they are natural or manmade, by aggressively responding to all fires, technical rescues, high priority medical emergencies, and hazardous material incidents within the city limits and provide mutual aid to surrounding jurisdictions.

The occupational safety and well being of the personnel at the AFD is of the utmost importance. In order to fulfill our mission these essential components must be in place: public fire safety education, fire code enforcement, arson investigation, and work place safety. Personnel also provide technical rescue services to Anderson County, host the Upstate Incident Management Team, and actively participate in South Carolina Fire Fighter Mobilization Plan.

The Anderson Fire Department pledges to be proactive in preparing for today, planning for tomorrow, and honoring the history and tradition of yesterday.

Hydrant Flushing

Twice a year, typically May and November, the City of Anderson’s Fire Department flushes all city fire hydrants. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this required operation. What do you need to know about this operation? Well we are glad you asked! Flushing allows the City to: Details

From the Chief...

From all of us at the Anderson Fire Department, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Anderson is ideally located on the busy Interstate-85 corridor, to which much of its economic growth can be attributed. The city lies on the southern border of Interstate-85 and is approximately 127 miles north of Atlanta, Ga., and 132 miles south of Charlotte, N.C.

The Anderson Fire Department was founded in 1885. We are as proud of our tradition as we are of our modern firefighting and rescue techniques and equipment. We currently have three stations that respond three engines, one ladder and a battalion chief. We employ 59 career suppression personnel and protect approximately 15-square miles and 25,000 citizens.

After a recent inspection, our department lowered its ISO Rating to a class II.

Our mission is to reduce the frequency and severity of fires and hazardous materials incidents within the city limits and provide mutual aid to surrounding jurisdictions.

Our principles of operation are communication, coordination, compassion and courage.

I would like to offer an invitation for you to visit any of our firehouses and meet the best firefighters in the nation.

If I can be of any additional service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

R. Dale Horne
Fire Chief